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Dr. Ben's Evictor - Indoor & Personal use

Dr. Ben's Evictor - Indoor & Personal use

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Evictor is a ready to use insecticide and repellent designed for indoor and personal use. Evictor protects against bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites.

  • Made from Natural Cedarwood oil
  • Kills and repels bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites
  • Works Fast
  • Ready-to-use (No need to dilute)
  • Use daily, weekly or as needed
  • Happiness Guarantee
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Dr. Ben's Evictor

Dr. Ben's Evictor

Dr. Ben's Evictor kills and repels bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, mites, and other biting, damaging pests in all stages of life, including eggs

Handmade from cedarwood oil and other plant-based ingredients, Dr. Ben's Evictor is family-safe and natural.

Dr. Ben's Evictor is safe for people, pets, clothing, furniture, carpeting, bedding, and gear. It dries quickly and does not stain.

How to Use

Apply to people, pets, clothing, and gear to kill, repel, and prevent painful bug bites

Spray indoors as needed to kill bugs and prevent costly insect problems without exposing your family or pets to dangerous chemicals

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How It Works

Powered by nature, Cedarwood oil is the active ingredient that fuels our products at Cedar Oil Industries. The natural essential oil repels and kills various biting, flying, and damaging insects and arachnids.

Cedarwood oil kills and repels bugs naturally in a number of ways: It disrupts their pheromones, messes with their body chemistry, and leads to dehydration and suffocation.

Who We Are

Cedar Oil Industries is a company with over 20 years of pest control experience.

Not confident? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cedar Oil Industries uses plant-based natural ingredients for effective, family-safe pest control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Lois Dolly
Dr. Ben's Evictor ~ Top Notch Excellence

Thank you for Dr. Ben's Evictor Indoor/Personal use. I have moved to an area where roaches, fleas, and mosquitoes reside. And I've had to take it upon myself to rid the place of as many of those pests as possible. I work late shifts and the last thing I want is to be kept awake at night by the incessant sound of mosquitoes buzzing in my room. One night it was so bad, I took my sprayer bottle of Evictor and when I heard the mosquito buzzing around my head, I lifted the bottle up and shot at it. Missed the first time but I immediately angled the bottle in the opposite direction and--no more buzzing, ever, that night! I've also had to do that for the bathroom where there were more mosquitoes. Dr. Ben's got rid of the whole nasty lot, not to mention the fleas and roaches that became uninvited guests before ordering from you. Thank you so so much for Dr. Ben's Evictor. I will be buying from you all again when my still (almost) full bottle of spray is getting low. You all are blessings!
P. S. My landlady says it smells wonderful, like the Swedish cedar woods she remembers growing up around as a little girl. Thank you again.

Laurel Wilkinson

Great product

Mike Mcdonald

Love the product I have been using it for a hunting aplication for 5 years On my hunting show,I promote it as a cover/tick spray.I have not been bitten by a chiggers or tick in 5 years.With alphagale and Lyme disease bad in this region I have told everyone about this product.I also notices it was back on Amazon as well. keep making the wonderful product and if you ever need marketing contact us on Facebook" Through the eyes of a hunter"would love to work out some sponsorship and help with your marketing.thanks again for keeping my family and friend tick free


I am happy with the cedar oil! I use it on my dog to kill a few fleas I found on her. It also repels mosquitoes. I can put it on my skin

Galen Hekhuis

Been using this stuff exclusively for over 10 years. Great stuff!