How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally: 4 Easy Steps

Tired of dealing with ants in your lawn or home? Do they return year after year, no matter what you do? We can help.

Ants are usually just annoying. But when it comes to the health of our children, grandchildren, elder relatives, and pets, they can be outright dangerous. If there are ant piles throughout your lawn, a simple misstep could mean a hospital or vet visit for one of your loved ones.

Unfortunately, traditional pesticides are usually more harmful than the bugs they’re designed to treat. Here are 3 easy tips to help you kill, repel, and prevent ants without resorting to poisonous chemicals.

Prevent Them

It’s easier and less costly to prevent ants than it is to treat them. Follow the below guidelines to help keep ants out of your lawn and home:

  • Remove clutter and potential food & water sources from your yard. This includes unused equipment, organic debris, standing water, etc.
  • Moisture attracts ants. Look for and repair leaky sprinklers, hoses, and drains.
  • Avoid leaving used dishes in the sink, and frequently clean kitchen flooring and countertops.
  • Take your trash out often, and clean the trash can as needed.
  • If you spill any food or drinks, clean them up right away.
  • Use Tupperware to keep stored food tightly sealed.
  • Finally—and this might be the most important—do a thorough check both inside and outside your home, sealing up any holes or cracks ants could use to move indoors.

Spray Your Yard

The most efficient way to get rid of ants is to start at the source: outdoors. Using Natures Defender, spray your entire yard every month from February to November (including bushes and small trees).

This product is non-toxic, meaning there’s no downtime before your family and pets can play in the yard.

For ant prevention, spray monthly with Natures Defender to kill and repel ants. Broadcast Cedar Granules throughout your yard, along fence lines, and foundations for extra protection.

For active and larger ant problems, start by treating your yard with Natures Defender twice, two weeks apart, and then each month after that. In these cases, we strongly suggest applying Cedar Granules throughout your yard every 6 weeks.

For ant mounds that just won’t go away: Agitate the ant pile with a stick and spray it directly with Natures Defender.

Protect Your Home

For anyone that’s had ants, you know they tend to reappear in the same spots over and over again. Maybe it’s a certain corner of your kitchen countertops, your pantry, or where you usually feed your pets. Wherever it is, spray these spots with chemical-free Ben’s Evictor once a week, or more as needed, and they’ll eventually stop returning.

If you see any lines of ants inside your home, garage, or basement, just give them a quick spray with Ben’s Evictor and they’ll die instantly.

Be Consistent

Like most pest issues, consistency is key to successfully remove and repel ants from your yard and house.

If you start to slack off on cleanliness, chances are they’ll return in full force. If you fail to treat your yard each month with Natures Defender, you’ll probably start seeing ant piles again. If you stop spraying indoors as needed with Ben’s Evictor, those little lines of ants are bound to reappear.

Just stay consistent and you’ll get your ant problems under control in no time.

Need Help Solving Your Roach Problem?

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