How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: 3 Easy Steps

Around for some 79 million years, mosquitoes are among the oldest and most dangerous animals to inhabit the earth. In fact, studies suggest mosquitoes have killed more humans than any other creature on record. Not to mention, they can give our dog and cat babies heartworms, too.

All of which is to say: you don’t want these little monsters anywhere near your home, family, or pets. A lawn full of flying bloodsuckers might seem a little intimidating at first, but don’t worry. With the right knowhow and tools, you can get the mosquito-free, bite-free lawn you and your family deserve.

With the following 3 tips, you can rid your yard of mosquitoes, protect your family and pets from harmful bites, and learn how to prevent future mosquito infestations, all without resorting to poisonous pesticides.

Prevent Them

Like with all pest problems, prevention is the most efficient and least costly approach to combat mosquitoes. Taking the necessary precautions can significantly reduce both the mosquito populations near your home and the chances of you or loved ones getting bitten. Here are some tips for basic mosquito prevention:

  • Do everything in your power to address items that collect rainwater and other sources of unnecessary moisture in your lawn, such as leaky faucets, hoses, drainage areas, unused buckets, planters, bird baths, tree stumps, etc. If your lawn is consistently home to standing water, you’re going to have a tough time getting rid of mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes thrive in cluttered, unkempt yards, which is why regularly mowing, trimming hedges, and weed-eating is essential. Additionally, clutter like unused equipment, wood and brush piles needs to go, and fast.
  • Artificial water features like pools, hot tubs, and fountains can also attract mosquitoes when improperly maintained. Especially during mosquito season (Mar.-Sept.), monitor these spaces closely, cleaning and covering them as needed.

Treat Your Lawn

The most important and effective step in getting rid of mosquitoes is to treat them at the source: outdoors, aka your lawn. Using our family and pet-safe lawn spray, Natures Defender, treat your entire yard twice about two weeks apart. Make sure to spray front, back, and side yards, including shrubbery, small trees, and bases of larger trees. After those first two treatments, you can proceed to monthly applications after that, or more often as needed for heavier bug populations.

Natures Defender targets not just mosquitoes but all types of damaging and biting insects in every stage of life, including eggs. Best of all, because our products are non-toxic, you, your family and pets can enjoy your yard immediately after application, no downtime necessary!

If you’re not currently struggling with mosquitoes and you’re just looking for prevention, you can start with monthly applications from the get-go. For best results, keep up monthly applications from late February through November, just as winter starts to set in. If you live in a warmer region like the South, treating all year round can save you a bunch of time, money, and headache once mosquito season rolls around (Mar.-Sept.). For added repellency, broadcast Cedar Granules throughout your lawn or at least in those areas where you and your family spend the most time.

Protect Against Dangerous Bites

Preventing itchy, potentially life-threatening bites is easy with Ben’s Evictor.

Before outside time like dog walks, hikes, BBQs, and outdoor entertaining, simply apply Ben’s Evictor to you, your family, dogs and cats to prevent bug bites, including mosquitoes. For best results, reapply to people every 5-7 hours or after getting wet, and reapply to pets every other day or more as needed. No more bug bites. No poisonous chemicals. It’s that easy!

Pro Tip: In addition to preventing bug bites and helping control fleas & ticks, Ben’s Evictor can be used indoors to kill and repel bugs without resorting to dangerous pesticides.

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