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There are a number of insects that can cause damage and irritation to horses, cattle and swine inside and outside of barn areas. These insects include biting flies, flies, lice, bots, and arthropods such as mites and ticks may cause problems. These problems could be immediate or could become problems when selling on the commodities market or stock yards. The control of insects associated with horses, cattle and swine and their premises can be eliminated with our cedar oil formulations and cedar wood granular.

All animals are amazingly beautiful and sensitive creatures. They require under standing, patience and a great deal of care. A good animal owner will observe there horses, sheep, goats, livestock , exotics and pets with a instinctive discipline of there animals health and welfare. If a problem is observed, the instinct is for immediate action. To the animal, this action is required.

A healthy and responsible relationship with your animal requires respect, trust and a desire to please!

The green movement is no longer just a fringe movement; it is a paradigm shift in how we understand our relationship with our families, pets, horses, farm animals, agricultural, environment and our own communities at large. It’s a new understanding for many of us about the impact we and the products we consume, spray around our homes, crops or give to our pets, horses and other animals have on the sustainability of our life and communities and what we leave behind for our children.

It's the RIGHT thing to do - are YOU doing the Right Thing?

Catching problems before they become serious usually allows responsible owners a simple solution. To fully enjoy your animals you must treat them with respect, kindness and care. In the end, a happy animal will mean a happier owner.

Dr. Ben's Ear Neutralizer

For Equine, Pets & Exotic Animals Neutralizes and kills mites, bacteria, funguses and other ear problems.

Is your Horse, Dog or Pets suffering from:

Inner Ear infection, Outer Ear infection, Crusty Ears, Ear Color Change (redness), Ear Yeast Ear infection, Swollen Ears, Foul Smelling Ears, Ear Fluid, Ear Puss

Dr Ben’s Ear-Neutralizer is an effective ear treatment solution that will neutralize and help clear-up outer and deep ear infections and ear mites. Ear-Neutralizer is a natural antimicrobial solution that is highly effective in neutralizing & cleansing yeast infections, oozing ears, stinky ears and killing ear mites. For chronic ear infectionsin dogs or cats where the ear infection returns again and again there finally is a practical solution, Ear-Neutralizer provides soothing relief to any animal experiencing discomfort and pain from ear problems. Some of the symptoms you should watch for is your animal inching & scratching their ears, shaking their heads and swollen ears are just some of the symptoms you will notice your animal doing.

Ear-Neutralizer is a proprietary blend of natural cedar oil and hydrated silica (quartz) ingredients made for treating ear infections in animals. With a natural cedar oil base, your pet will find it soothing and experience immediate relief with the first few drops.

A complete natural remedy to treat ear infections in horses, pets and exotic animals.

Dr. Ben’s ear-Neutralizer is made from 100% natural ingredients. All are FDA approved (Food Grade ingredients).

X-Thrush (Hoof Thrush Treatment)

Let’s hope your horse never gets it but, if your horse ever does develop thrush, you'll certainly find the odor un-bearable. Horse thrush is caused by anaerobic bacteria, when trapped in moisture it can create a fungal infection. Thrush can create some mild discomfort, but as long as it is addressed quickly it rarely does anything more. Left un-noticed for a period of time, thrush can make its way into the sensitive areas of the frog, often creating some bleeding. A hoof that is affected with thrush will exhibit soreness, black pus as well as a scent that can send a grown man crying. If you detect your horse has thrush nature’s defender X-thrush will bring quick relief to the infected area. If thrush does manage to affect your horse, don't worry – treating it is fairly simple. Natures DeFender X-Thrush is a highly-effective treatment for hoof thrush that kills bacteria and fungi, neutralizing the foul odor associated with thrush infection.

This 100% natural cedar oil and hydrated silica formula provides better and quicker advantages over other formulas because:

  • X-Thrush neutralizes and kills bacteria and fungi that causes Thrush
  • Does not stain
  • Does not sting, also will not dry out the hoof
  • Promotes healthy tissue growth
  • Contains only natural ingredients

Dr. Ben's Cedar-Elite (For Flies and Biting Insects)


Several types of biting flies bother horses, cattle and swine. These include mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, horse flies and stable flies. These insects feed on blood and are persistent feeders that cause significant irritation to horses, cattle and swine and there off-spring.


Stable flies will feed on blood from practically any warm blooded animal including horses, humans, pets and other livestock. During periods of high stable fly activity, humans can be severely annoyed. Peaks of feeding activity commonly occur during the early morning and again in the late afternoon. Stable flies prefer feeding on lower parts of the hosts such as the legs and belly of horses and cattle. Both male and female flies feed on blood; the female requires blood meals to produce viable eggs. Eggs are deposited into a variety of decaying animal and plant wastes but are rarely found in fresh manure. Egg status to adult is generally completed in three to six weeks.

DR. BEN'S CEDAR-ELITE organic Fly & Insect treatment kills the insects and the eggs on contact, yet is non-toxic and safe enough it can be used on new born colts, ponies and nursing mothers. This unique formulation prohibits solution migration into the blood-stream and subsequently unlike spot drop products. Dr. Ben's Cedar Elite has zero effect on the animals nervous system.

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Every responsible animal owner should keep your animals clean from dirt, mud & sand, Brush your animals every day. Pick out mud, dirt, manure and sand residue from your horses feet daily. Clean out ears often. A number of different problems can result if an animals coat and hoof/foot area and ears are not kept clean.

Cedar-Derm Elite (Complete Body Wash)

For Equine, Pets & Exotic Animals, Easy-to-use spray applicator cleans without scrubbing time-saving, one-step process eliminates buckets and sponges, Conditioners & repairs split ends, leaving a lustrous shine

CEDAR-DERM ELITE Body Wash is an innovative, easy-to-use spray application that cleans without scrubbing.  No buckets or sponges needed; For deep cleanse use with sponge while spraying. Our one-step applicator releases a measured amount to eliminate product waste. Our ready to use Body Wash does not cover up symptoms but neutralizes other problems from skin issues! A powerful body wash that starts to immediately neutralize, moisturize, rejuvenate dry, itchy, flaky skin issues, hair-loss, mange, hot spots, skin dermatitis, yeast, fungus and neutralizes insect bites, skin rashes and other problems associated to bacteria, fungi, and topical skin issues!

Cedar- Derm Elite is a proprietary blend of steamed, distilled Cedar wood oil, from the Juniperus Virginiana grown in Texas also known as an antimicrobial healing oil & Ethyl Lactate (corn).

For use on Horses, Ponies, Dogs and Livestock.

Dr. Ben's De-Tangler

The ultimate detangle eliminates tangles for a soft flowing mane & tail that will captivate any horse lover.

  • Specially formulated organic cedar oil easily removes tangles.
  • Dramatically increases manageability and thickness.
  • Restores moisture, Strengthens hair, helps eliminate breakage and split-ends, and maintains a soft, smooth appearance.
  • Cedar oil has been used to restore hair growth for thousands of years and is still used today

Stall and Stable Management


A Stable Management program is of importance to control all insects, otherwise the management program is doomed to failure without this important first step. Control of both soil-borne and flying insects in barnyards, stables or corral areas usually involves several methods. Using our cedar oil products. Control directed at larval and adult stages of all insects is usually required periodically.