Hundreds of Bugs Are in Your Home—Here's Where They're Hiding

Hundreds of Bugs Are in Your Home—Here's Where They're Hiding

We hope you’re sitting down for this. Recent research shows that even if you haven’t seen a single bug, there are almost certainly hundreds, maybe even thousands of them hiding throughout your home. If you’re anything like us, your first thoughts are: “Where!?” “How!? “And how do I prevent this from happening again?”

You can quit stressing because we’ve got all your questions answered. Here are the weird places bugs are probably hiding in your home, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them from coming back.

Plush Toys, Stuffed Animals, and Pillows

You might never look at your pillows or plush toys like stuffed animals the same way again after learning they commonly house all sorts of creepy crawlies, including but not limited to bed bugs, carpet beetles, roaches, crickets, spiders, moths, silverfish and firebrats. If you’ve been experiencing mysterious bites or rashes, this very well could be the cause. 

Natural Fix: Wash these items thoroughly and often. At least once every other week if they’re frequently used and not just in storage. Spray them with naturally-sourced and fabric-safe Ben’s Evictor after washing to repel future bugs from infesting them. Spraying them before washing will also help ensure you don’t have to touch any gross critters that might be lurking inside. 

Clothing, Suitcases, Backpacks and Purses

Traveled lately? If so, we strongly suggest checking your suitcases, purse, and laundry ASAP for signs of bugs, and also treating it with Ben’s Evictor for any hitchhikers you might miss in the process. 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even the highest-end hotels have bed bugs, not to mention other biting or damaging pests. Did you know an overnight stay at a friend or family member’s house is also one of the most common ways to contract a bug problem and bring it back into home?

Unwashed laundry, piles of clothes, and poorly stored blankets, winter wear, and fabrics tend to be big bug attractants as well, sometimes allowing them to live, breed for months or years unnoticed, to say nothing of the damage they'll cause. 

Natural Fix: Piles of clothes happen, we get it. You don’t always have time to fold them right that minute. However, leaving them in a pile even for more than a day or two can create an expensive bug problem and fast. Same goes for leaving dirty clothes in the laundry for weeks—human sweat and food spills attract bugs that will then proceed to eat away at the stains, causing holes in your clothing. So make sure to do your laundry regularly and avoid frequently piling up clothes and other textiles like blankets.

To proactively prevent pest problems and their damage, spray items with non-toxic Ben’s Evictor before storing them away for the season. And when traveling, spray your suitcases and bags before entering a hotel or friend’s home to prevent bringing bugs back home. Promptly launder whatever you packed for the trip as soon as you return, too.

Junk Drawers

We all got them and they’re super convenient for chucking things you won’t need for a while—but did you know junk drawers often hide pests?

Clutter is the reason and also easily one of the biggest causes of household bug problems. All those little knick-knacks combined with darkness and infrequent use make junk drawers an excellent hiding spot. Spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, bed bugs, ants, beetles, centipedes—the possibilities are endless.

Natural Fix: It’s no fun but just get around to cleaning and organizing it once a year, twice a year is even better. When doing so, do yourself a favor and check it real quick for signs of bugs. Use Ben's Evictor to kill and repel as needed.

Dishwasher and Fridge

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong—bugs commonly hide under, behind, and in some cases even inside appliances like fridges and dishwashers. Although fitted to the walls, there’s still plenty of room behind appliances for bugs to make a home for themselves. 

From here they sometimes find small entries directly into the internal parts of the appliance itself. This includes refrigerators, which are known to commonly hide roaches, fruit flies, house flies, and more. Gross, right?

Simply put, because the spaces surrounding appliances provide warmth, moisture and food, they’re one of the biggest trouble spots for pests inside your home. 

Natural Fix: Other than pulling your appliances out from the wall and checking behind them for pests every few months, it all comes down to general cleanliness. That means cleaning both inside and outside your appliances monthly or more often in the event of food and drink spills  

And if you encounter any bugs in the process, no problem. Ben’s Evictor is both a contact killer and repellent. Just spray directly to kill and spray trouble areas monthly for prevention. 

Attic Insulation

You know all that exposed insulation in your attic—yeah, it’s a big problem when it comes to pests, from biting, damaging bugs to filthy, germ-spreading rodents. 

Natural Fix: Simply swapping your current insulation for a variety treated with boric acid—which is toxic to and repels nearly all types of pests—might solve the problem outright. For any remaining stubborn pests, simple spray them with Ben's Evictor. It's that easy!

Outlets, Light Switches, and Electronics

Know why some bugs just seem impossible to completely get rid of? (We’re looking at you fleas, roaches, bed bugs, and ants.) Because they hide in unbelievable locations like behind outlets and inside alarm clocks, lamps, and televisions. Darkness and warmth make these especially appealing hideouts. 

Natural Fix: If you suspect certain items or areas of infestation, unscrew outlets, switches, and simple devices like alarm clocks and take a look inside. For a temporary solution, clean out any bugs and debris you find, put them back together, and check them periodically for additional bugs. 

If you uncover more bugs than expected in the process, there’s a good chance they’ve used the outlets and behind your walls as a way to spread all throughout your home. In this case, you might want to consider fogging your home with Ben’s Evictor to get the problem under control faster, safer, and cheaper compared to old school pest control services and traditional chemical-based bug sprays.

Boxes, Books and Papers

You might be surprised to learn that new and old books, cardboard boxes, and paperwork can serve as both food and shelter for bugs of all types. Unfortunately, nearly all the bugs attracted to these items—roaches, scorpions, crickets, silverfish, booklice, carpet beetles, etc—are notorious for causing serious damage or known to deliver a painful sting. 

Natural Fix: Eliminating paper-based clutter throughout your home and switching to plastic, tight-sealing containers instead of cardboard will go a long way. Use Ben’s Evictor to kill and repel bugs as needed. 

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