Natures Defender – Outdoor Bug Spray Concentrate

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Natures Defender is a pest control concentrate made from natural cedarwood oil.  Designed for use in lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces, this product kills & repels Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants, and Mites.

  • Made with Natural cedarwood oil
  • Hose-end sprayer included
  • Highly concentrated—must be diluted
  • Kills fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, and mites on contact
  • 1 qt. of Natures Defender treats up to 40,000 sq. ft.
  • Apply monthly or as needed
  • Quart
  • Quart Refill (No Hose-End Sprayer)
  • Gallon
  • Gallon Refill (No Hose-End Sprayer)
  • Case of 4 Gallons

Nature's Defender

Nature's Defender is a concentrate of 85% natural cedarwood oil designed to kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitos, ants, and mites in every stage of life, including eggs.

Made in the United States, Nature's Defender is non-toxic. You, your family, and your pets can enjoy your yard immediately after application, no downtime necessary!

This outdoor bug spray concentrate can be used twice, two weeks apart to treat a yard overrun with insects, or about once a month as a preventative that will save you a headache down the road.

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How to Treat an Infected Lawn


How to Dilute

In the Hose-End Sprayer, add 4 oz. of Nature's Defender. Add 22 oz. of warm water and shake until the solution is cloudy. Connect a hose to the sprayer and begin spraying your lawn. Don't forget to also spray shrubbery and tree bases, as bugs tend to hide in these areas.

For Prevention

Spray your lawn monthly with Nature's Defender to kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitos, ants, and mites. For added prevention, broadcast Cedar Granules throughout your yard every 6 weeks for additional protection against these insects.

For Active Insect Problems

Start by treating your yard twice, two weeks apart, and then monthly after that. For ongoing issues, it is also recommended to pair Nature's Defender with Cedar Granules to actively target and repel reoccurring pest issues.

For more information on how to tackle specific bug problems, click the button on our blogs!

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How it works

Powered by nature, Cedarwood oil is the active ingredient that fuels our products at Cedar Oil Industries. The natural essential oil repels and kills various biting, flying, and damaging insects and arachnids.

Cedarwood oil kills and repels bugs naturally in a number of ways: It disrupts their pheromones, messes with their body chemistry, and leads to dehydration and suffocation.

Who we are

Cedar Oil Industries is a company with over 20 years of pest control experience.

Not confident? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cedar Oil Industries uses plant-based natural ingredients for effective, family-safe pest control.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Our property backs up to the woods with a creek and somewhat swampy area. Lots of mosquito’s here year around. I called last week and bought a gallon of the Natures Defender and the hose end sprayer. I got the shipment the next day. Good service, thanks. I did as the lady suggested and sprayed the side of the house, the shrubbery, flower beds and the lawn. I also sprayed the fence and as far as I could into the woods and onto the neighbors property. I soaked everything well and to my satisfaction the mosquitos and a lot of other insects dissappeared. It has now been three days and the mosquitos are still somewhere else. Feel free to pass this testimonial on to your customers if you wish.

  2. 5 out of 5
    (verified owner)
  3. 5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Found this wonderful shop searching online… and then called to get a bit of advice from Bob – the company’s owner. He spent a good deal of time on the phone with me explaining everything I had questions about and even offered some additional suggestions for some home-brewed control supplements. All of this before any confirmed sale. This is how to run a small business. Thank you for being a wonderful shop owner and person, Bob! I’ll be back… and I’ll be spreading the word! My best, Drew

    • (verified owner)

      Drew thanks for the kind words. If we can ever help please let us know

  4. 5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Have been using your products for year!! Love ’em!!

  5. 5 out of 5
    (verified owner)
  6. 5 out of 5
    (verified owner)
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