Indoor & Outdoor Pest Management Kit

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This kit is designed to control insects indoors & outdoors in all stages of life, including bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites

  • Evictor indoor solution treats up to 3600 sq. ft.
  • Natures Defender outdoor solution treats up to 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Easy to use and works fast
  • Comes with everything necessary to treat your home
  • Small Kit
  • Medium Kit
  • Large Kit

Note:  Cedar Oil Industries does not accept returns of Tri-Jet Fogger

Pest Management kit for indoor & outdoor use

Ben’s Evictor indoor biting insect spray “Ready-to-use” 

Interior treatment – Using the tri-jet fogger start treating in the farthest room from exit point.  Treat along flooring (carpet) under and around wood furniture, bedding areas, sofa and chairs (remove cushions and treat underneath, sides and top) flip up furniture and spray underneath.  Fog along baseboards, under sinks, cabinets, cracks, under and around all appliances, closets.  Dr. Ben’s formula does not stain.

Natures Defender out-door biting insect spray “Concentrate”

Outdoor treatment – Pour 6 ounces of concentrate into garden sprayer cup, fill remaining cup with water. Hook up to garden hose and spray lawn, bushes & trees.  Concentrating on dark, moist areas.  Best time to apply is morning or early evening Applications should be avoided in the middle of the afternoon due to the heat and direct sun. During a heavy insect season, you can apply as often as needed.

Maintenance Applications: We recommend spraying every 20-30 days during heavy insect season


  1. Turn off all pilot lights/furnaces Do Not Spray or fog into flames
  2. Turn off all fire alarms
  3. Turn off AC
  4. Remove pets (ALL)
  5. Close all windows
  7. Place a towel on the floor at the bottom of the front door, so the mist does not leach into the halls.


Put on protective mask and goggles, once this is accomplished you can start fogging…

You will leave the room closed up for a minimum of 3 hours preferably 24 hours prior to re-entering.

Upon re-entry, open up all windows and turn on ceiling and portable fans so that the air will circulate and go out windows and doors.  Do not use AC for airing out the structure as you may get the aroma of cedar into the filter and other areas that will take a while to get rid of.  You can now wipe down the tops of all counter tops.  DO NOT VACUUM, allow all furniture and carpeting to dry naturally, once dried wipe thoroughly

* See label for additional information & instructions


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  1. 5 out of 5

    HAPPY PESTIGATOR OWNER IN HOUSTON – We want you to know Cedar Oil. The Pestigator is a dream come true. It has now been installed at our home for 1 year and a month. It has changed our lives. We can now enjoy the backyard. We even had a pool put in and enjoy it even more. Our property backs up to a Bayou and the Mosquito are horrible. I am so happy we chose the irrigation system for delivery of a insect control instead of the misting system our neighbor chose. We both did the installations at the same time. He hates the misting system. His plants are all yellow and the side of his home is permanently stained, grass won’t grow and he still has Mosquito everywhere there is not a nozzle. Now they tell him he has to put more nozzles on sticks all over the yard to get rid of the Mosquito. It already smells like a chemical plant over there. I think it’s funny. He paid twice as much for what he has than we did. And it costs him twice as much more than we pay to operate it. The misting nozzles are plugged up all of the time and they have to put a new pump in that goofy looking barrel every month. His whole property is ugly with those pipes and sprayers all over everywhere. No problems here at our home. The Pestigator is set to come on at 4PM, about the time the Mosquito wakes up to do its evil. The irrigation system comes on for a minute in each zone, The sprinklers pop up and we just chase the bugs away, right to the neighbors yard I guess ? Oh Well ! We love our Pestigator Mosquito Control System.

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