A Bio-Based Bed Bug Treatment “CEDAR OIL” Natures natural enemy to insects!

Imagine… being asleep in a soft, warm bed. In the middle of the night, you’re awakened by an itching sensation…like something is crawling on you. You get up turn on the lights and there they are, Bed Bugs, your dream just became a reality!

Neutralize them little beast with Dr. Ben’s Evictor
“The bio-based bed bug neutralizer”

The Bed Bugs Enemy, The Travelers Friend
“Dr. Ben’s Evictor”

A Traveling companion for Pilots, Stewardesses, Business Traveler’s and frequent vacationers.

Cedar Oil Travel Insect Spray

When you arrive at your hotel simply spray “DR. BEN’S EVICTOR” all along the sides of your bed,
on the head board and around the legs, this will act as a repellent for all crawling insects.


You pay a lot to sleep away from home, at least make it a bug free night!


Bed Bug Warning Statement

More and more insects are becoming immune to chemical pesticides that have been used for the last 60 years. Unfortunately our pets, children and elderly haven’t.

Bed Bugs reach many areas of our population from homes to 5 star hotels. Bed bug infestations must be dealt with quickly and aggressively. Although bed bugs don’t carry any known diseases the bites and sight of them on you or your family often lead to more complicated problems such as nigh-mares. For the most part, bed bugs are nocturnal and will usually only come out at night to attack there victim/s. Bed bugs enter your home or hotel/motel by many ways including you, other members of your family, luggage and cloths. They can also come from a neighboring apartment/condo that has an infestation. Once these un-invited guests get in, they will multiply very quickly as long as you make it comfortable for them.

If you are a commercial applicator or consumer using chemical products for the control of Bed Bugs and other insects please consider including Dr. Ben’s Evictor in your treatment protocol. Having Dr. Ben’s Evictor in your arsenal will enhance the results you are currently receiving.

What are bed bugs?
Bed bug is the common name for Cimex lectularius, a reddish-brown, oval-shaped insect that can grow to a quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs are wingless and survive by sucking blood from a host animal, preferably a human. Images of Bed Bugs and Bites Why are they called bed bugs?
Bed bugs commonly hide in mattresses, carpets, behind peeling paint or wallpaper, and in crevices in wooden furniture (like a bed’s headboard or the picture frame above it). The bugs are nocturnal and typically bite people while they sleep, usually just before dawn Why are bed bugs reappearing?
Bed bugs were all but eradicated with broad-spectrum pesticides such as DDT, which killed a wide variety of bug types. Concerns about health and the environment led to many of these broad-spectrum pesticides being removed from the market. Today, pest control methods are more focused, designed to kill a particular species (like cockroaches). Bed bugs, since they are not specifically being treated for, are slipping through the cracks. Where did bed bugs come from?
Bed bugs travel surprisingly well, and are quite comfortable stowing away in luggage and even clothing. The bugs are increasingly found in urban hotels in America. Since they tend to stow away and travel with humans, any place that sees a number of world travelers is susceptible. Pilots, wealthy people, and business travelers can bring bed bugs along unwittingly.